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The Texas Century Club Website is being relaunched as a self service Wikipedia style website

You will be able to edit and update your own totals and even create your one pages. Feel free to create an account. Once you have confirmed your e-mail you will be able to update your totals and add information to the pages. Please don't add new county pages at this time, but feel free to add information to those that exist. If you would like to create your own page feel free to do that. You may also create birding site pages by creating the link in the county that they are in.

If you find a county page missing please contact David Sarkozi at

Please check the Discussion Tab for the progress on the reload and updates to the site.




As part of the Texas Ornithological Society (TOS) the Texas Century Club uses the TOS Regions. Each of the links below take you to a menu of the counties in that region.

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