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Welcome to the Texas Century Club

The Texas Century Club (TCC) is a friendly competition among birders trying to identify 100 species of birds in 100 of the 254 counties in the state of Texas. The goal is to reach the 100 x 100 county mark.

The TCC goal is to increase the knowledge of the birdlife of Texas by encouraging the exploration of those counties less visited in Texas. This knowledge is lost unless this knowledge is preserved, so the TCC is now configured to display the records as found in

All the county pages are now in place. If you use eBird then county totals update automatically. Unless the knowledge we gain doing this goes somewhere then our efforts are all for naught. eBird is the best way to do this by recording your birding in eBird. The TCC pages explain how to get your records into eBird.

If you would like to interact with the TCC community, why not join our Facebook group at



County Pages

Updating your totals

If you need to update your totals please send updates to David Sarkozi at or post your updates in our Facebook group Texas Century Club


In order to promote the study of bird distribution for the whole of the State of Texas, the TOS Executive Board established the Century Club Award on October 26, 2003

  1. Awards
    1. Award Certificates will be given for identifying 100 species of birds in 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, and 100 Texas Counties.
    2. The award for identifying 100 species in 100 counties will be known as the "Texas Century Club"
    3. Endorsements for identifying 100 species will be given in increments of 25 above the Texas Century Club (i.e. 125, 150, 175, etc.)
    4. Youths under the age of 18 will receive an award for identifying 100 species in a single Texas county. The award will be known as "The Texas Youth Century Club".
    5. Awards will be presented at the next TOS meeting unless the awardee declines to attend or would prefer not to receive the award publicly.
  2. Eligibility
    1. All birders regardless of their TOS affiliation are eligible for the the Texas Youth Century Club and the five county awards.
    2. Only TOS members are eligible for the awards above the five county level.
  3. Counting Species
    1. The bird must be in the county for which it is counted, but the observer need not be in the same county.
    2. Count only those species recognized by the TOS Checklist of Texas Birds at the time of application for the award.
    3. Do not count groups such as hummingbird species or meadowlark species.
    4. Species on the TOS TBRC Review List at the time of observation must be accepted by the TBRC, although the accepted report does not have to be made by the observer.
    5. An observer may count any observation made in their lifetime.
  4. Applying
    1. To receive an award the observer must apply. Species list for each county must be provided either through the Texas Century Club Website or in writing to the awards committee.
    2. For non-review list species date and location are optional but recommended.
    3. Review species must have the date and location of the observation.
  5. Verification
    1. The award committee may ask for details on any observation made that would be considered exceptional and out of the norm for a particular county or season.
    2. If the observer cannot or will not provide details the awards committee may disallow the observation for the award.
    3. The award committee can and should seek outside opinions when the observation is outside the committee's expertise.
  6. Awards Committee
    1. The TOS President shall appoint the Chairman of Awards Committee.
    2. The TOS President shall appoint four additional TOS members to serve on the committee in addition to the Chairman
    3. The TOS president may remove and replace any member of the committee for inability to perform or lack of participation.
    4. The Awards Committee may set up any mutually agreeable working procedures as needed to facilitate the committee's work.
    5. The Awards Committee may amend these rules as needed and establish endorsements as it sees fit to promote further study of the birdlife of Texas.


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