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About Me

I am a young-ish birder from Collin County in the Dallas area. I have been birding since I was 11, primarily in Texas, but I have traveled across much of America (32 states and counting). I particularly love the mountains of the western US.

I am currently studying Computer Science at the University of Oklahoma, so my Texas county birding has slowed down somewhat, but I still come home on holidays to hit my favorite hotspots and work on those counties. If you're ever in the Norman/OKC area, hit me up, or look for me in Texas on the Dallas, Ray Hubbard, or Freeport CBCs!


Total TX counties birded: All 254 (King - 8/6/17)

Total TX counties with 100+ species: 43 (Williamson - 1/13/18)

Total TX counties with 200+ species: 3 (Collin, Brazoria, Dallas)

Total TX county ticks: 9976

My Texas County Map